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Co Living

What is Co-living?

Coliving is a community living concept for like-minded people to live, work, and play together. Living spaces are well designed, fully furnished, with incidentals and utilities covered by one bill.

Catering to various living styles and tastes, the main value of the coliving experience is access to the community. Roomdaddy offers Roomshare & Private rooms under the co-living concept.

What is included in Each Home?

There are some of the reasons why co-living should be your next stay:


Tons of opportunities to live, meet, network and have fun with like-minded people

Fully Furnished

Don't move around on heavy furniture. All co-living spaces are fully - furnished for comfort and convenience

Flexible Lease - Monthly Stays

Leases are as short as a month. This flexibilty is ideal if you work in a field that may require you to relocate with little notice

No Extra Bills

Electricity, water, housekeeping and high-speed WiFi - that's all included. You pay nothing extra

Regular Cleaning

Our spaces are all regularly cleaned by professionals, to create a pleasant living and working environment for you

Professional Hosts

No live -in landlords breathing down your neck. Community Managers are on site to arrange events, facilitate connections and help out with any problems

Service Accommodation

  • Hotel Room
  • Hotel Apartment
  • Private Room

Whether it's for a short period before finding a permanent home in a new country, a shorter stay for a project or for even an extended stay for a long-term work assignment, business travellers need at least some of the comfort that a home provides for their stay abroad.

But what type of serviced accommodations are offered by providers?

The range of accommodations provided have a minimum requirement that fit the demands of professionals abroad. Basic serviced accommodations come with furniture, an equipped kitchen, bathroom and toilets. Along with that, in some cases there are certain amenities provided such as towels, toiletries, housekeeping services and a reception.

The three types of serviced accommodations being offered are Hotel Apartments, private homes and hotel rooms.

  • Hotel Apartments, are the most identical to a regular hotel. Aparthotels are literally what the name implies: A combination of an apartment and a hotel. This type of serviced accommodation has almost the same services as a hotel and are in designated buildings. Depending on the location and provider, some aparthotels might offer more or fewer services. The biggest difference is that the rooms are a bit bigger than the regular hotel rooms but smaller than your average one-bedroom or studio serviced apartment. Aparthotels typically include kitchenettes with limited kitchenware.
  • Private homes are typically in residential buildings or communities. This category includes serviced apartments, holiday homes, corporate housing, or privately owned. Some buildings/communities have a front desk, room service, fitness centre, a business centre, swimming pools, babysitting and more. These types of accommodations can be rented for a longer period of time than professionally managed hotel apartments and are often cheaper than other serviced accommodations. However, they offer fewer services and the quality are often not guaranteed. This category can can be privately owned or professionally managed. Privately owned apartments are owned by people who want to rent it out. However, the living spaces are bigger and it has better amenities, therefore, making the stay worth every penny.
  • Hotels are typically professionally managed serviced accommodations and include much more services and quality is guaranteed. Private Homes accommodations are generally less expensive than hotels & hotel apartments depending on the length of stay. Hotel rooms tend to be smaller but you get access to the onsite high quality amenities.


Megacities have a problem for parking space and rates of parking could be prohibitive for some who wish to own cars. On the other hand, in today's Uber world and work from home environment, a lot of rented apartments and homes have spare & unused parking spots.

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